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How can we make OR 6 safer?

We are studying conditions and exploring safety solutions on OR 6 between Tillamook and Banks. Your feedback about safety issues and driver behavior will help us identify potential solutions in the corridor.

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Learn why the study is needed and what is involved.
Use the interactive map to share problem areas in the corridor.
Provide general comments about your experiences.
Find out how to stay involved and what happens next.

About the Study

OR 6 is a 48 mile rural road that connects Banks and Tillamook. It is a popular route for tourists and serves as an important commercial connection between the Oregon Coast and the Portland metro area.

The Problem

In recent years, safety has become an increasing concern for the local communities and people who frequently use this route. As freight and recreational use has increased, so has the crash frequency and fatalities.

Understanding Needs and Developing Solutions

In response to these local concerns, the Oregon State Legislature passed a bill to initiate this study and present the findings in fall 2023.

To understand the needs along the corridor, we are gathering public feedback on existing problems and issues related to safety, freight, operations and overall road conditions. The final product will be a complete study of the highway that will include potential solutions, projects and cost estimates. The study won't result in specific project work until funding becomes available.

Map of the study area between Tillamook and Banks.

Study area (click to enlarge)

OR 6: Roadway damage

Roadway damage on OR 6.

Roadway damage on OR 6 (click to enlarge)

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Corridor Map

Share Your Experiences

Use the map and comment form to share what you know. Your feedback will help us understand which needs and problems are the most urgent.


Use the interactive map below to describe location specific safety issues or experiences you’ve had within the corridor. You can also submit written feedback on the next page if you have general comments that apply to more than one location.

  • Tap or click and drag to move the map. Zoom in and out by pinching your touch screen, scrolling with your mouse wheel, or clicking the plus and minus buttons.
  • Use the layers menu Layers icon to show and hide map features.
  • Click the map legend icon Map legend icon to show what map features mean.
  • Click icons to read about map features or other comments.
  • Show or hide the comment options window using the comment icon Add comment icon.
  • To add a comment to the map, click on the category symbol your comment relates to, click the location on the map where you'd like your comment to be and fill out the short comment form. Be sure to zoom in so you can place your comment at the exact location you want us to know about. When you’re done typing, click "Save" to submit your comment.

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Comment Form

Use the form below to share more about your experiences within the corridor and to tell us about yourself.

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Next Steps

Thank you for sharing your experiences! We’ll use your feedback in the “Existing and Future Conditions Report” part of the study and it will help the team to understand which needs and problems are the most urgent.

What's Next?

In the coming months, a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) will meet to review the work and findings of the study team. Watch for another open house in early 2023 where you will be able to review what we've discovered so far. We’ll share the potential corridor solutions in late spring 2023.

Study Schedule

  • Study and document corridor problems: Aug. 2022 – Feb. 2023 (We are here!)
  • Develop potential solutions: Feb. – June 2023
  • Publish final study: Sept. 2023

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Ken Shonkwiler

ODOT Project Manager

Please help us spread the word about this online open house.
Feel free to share this with your friends and neighbors so that we can get their feedback.
Thank you for participating!

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