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US 26 Boring Road Bridge
Raising Project

Work to raise the US 26 SE 282nd/Boring Road overpass starts in June. This work will require closing Boring Road for several months, starting in July.

Project information

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Learn what this project will accomplish, and why it is needed.
During the closure, detour routes will be in place to help traffic cross US 26.
Learn how ODOT plans to raise the Boring Road bridge without disrupting US 26 traffic.
Submit questions and sign up for project updates.

Overview and Background

The Boring Road overpass is too low to accommodate some over-height vehicles on US 26, requiring detours onto Orient Drive and Kelso Road. ODOT is working to raise the overpass, providing additional clearance that will allow large vehicles to stay on US 26. The project will also repair structural elements and repave the roadway surface on the overpass.

Current height limits

The current height of the overpass clearance is 15 feet. Standard overpass clearance for this section of US 26 should be 17 feet, 4 inches. US 26 is a designated highway route for trucks with loads greater than 16 feet high.

Project details

The project includes these key elements:

  • Raising SE 282nd Avenue/Boring Road overpass at US 26 by more than two feet.
  • Repairing and resurfacing the overpass roadway.
  • Building new stormwater ponds to manage runoff from the roadway.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many trucks must detour off of U.S. 26 today because of the low bridge?

Based on the number of permits issued, ODOT estimates that up to 77 trucks (eastbound) and 21 trucks (westbound) must find alternate routes each year because of the reduced clearance on U.S. 26 at Boring Road.

Did ODOT consider lowering U.S. 26 instead of raising the bridge?

ODOT did consider lowering U.S. 26, but this option would have been much more expensive (estimated at $5 million more), and would have created major disruptions to U.S. 26 as well additional environmental impacts. That is why ODOT decided to raise the bridge.

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  • Project Area

    Project Area

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  • The Problem

    The Problem

    The overpass is too low for some freight vehicles, requiring detours onto nearby roads.
  • Visible Damage

    Visible Damage

    Damage from over-height vehicles is visible on the overpass.
  • Worn Surface

    Worn Surface

    The worn-down road surface shows exposed structural elements that must be repaired.
  • Solution


    This project will raise the overpass deck by more than two feet and will repair and resurface the roadway.

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Closures and detours

This work will requre closing Boring Road during construction. Closure dates were selected based on interviews with nearby businesses in 2016, and are scheduled to occur at a time when businesses are not as busy as other times in the spring and summer.

During the closure, detour routes will be in place to help traffic cross US 26.

Overpass closure

Raising the overpass requires an extended full closure of SE 282nd Avenue/Boring Road where it crosses U.S. 26 for 12 weeks starting on July 5, 2018, reopening on September 30, 2018.

Drivers will follow posted detours during the closure (see detour map). U.S. 26 will remain open during construction.

Boring Road detours

  • Northbound Traffic - Take OR 212/Compton Road to U.S. 26 westbound to Stone Road.
  • Southbound Traffic - Take Orient Drive to U.S. 26.

Boring Road detour map.

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Raising the bridge

Raising a bridge a relatively straightforward project that ODOT has successfully completed on bridges throughout the state.

Bridge raising process

  1. Support bracing is added to each of the bridge columns.
  2. Holes are drilled in each column and expanded to accommodate hydraulic jacks, which are added to columns and abutments.
  3. The bridge is closed to traffic while the existing railings are replaced and remaining concrete is removed from the columns.
  4. The entire bridge is then raised very slowly with hydraulic jacks while shims are added.
  5. After the jacks are removed, the shims hold the bridge in place, and rebar and concrete are used to fill the gaps in each of the columns. New bearing pads are then added to the ends of the bridge.
  6. Finally, the approaches on both sides of the bridge and re-graded to match the bridge height and the Boring Road Bridge is reopened to traffic.

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Next steps

Thank you for your interest in the project. Submit comments and questions and sign up for project updates below.

Anticipated Project Schedule

  • Construction: Summer 2018 – Fall 2018
  • Overpass Closure: July 5 - September 29, 2018

For more information

  • Visit the project website at for construction updates
  • Follow ODOT on Twitter and Facebook @OregonDOT
  • Contact Lili Boicourt, ODOT Community Affairs, at 503-731-8247 or Kelly Hawley, ODOT Project Leader, at 503-731-3001.

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