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Southern Oregon Seismic Resiliency Project

This project reinforces key bridges and slopes in southern Oregon. By doing so, the region will remain better connected — and better able to recover — after major earthquake.

The idea is to maintain the OR 140 route from U.S. 97 to the Rogue Valley and from Interstate 5 at the Oregon/California border north to the Willamette Valley to Eugene. Some of the Interstate 5 routing may be on OR 99 or nearby Douglas County roads. 


Due to the likelihood of a major Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake, ODOT studied which key bridges and slopes could be armored to maintain connectivity for the least amount of money. The goal is to get the most bang for the buck!

We’ve budgeted ~$53.4 million for the task. Funding came through the legislative 2017 ‘Keep Oregon Moving Act’ and other sources. And we may not be finished yet.  As funds become available, additional bridges may be armored in the coming years.

Walk through this virtual open house on how the project will be rolled out and ‘bundled’ for efficiencies.

Overview of the Seismic Triage projects in southern Oregon

For ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) or Civil Rights Title VI accommodations, translation/interpretation services, or more information call 503-731-4128, TTY 800-735-2900 or Oregon Relay Service 7-1-1. Si desea obtener información sobre este proyecto traducida al español, sírvase llamar al 503-731-4128.


A short look at the improvements to bridges and slopes
Interstate 5 Exit 80 Glendale, I-5 Exit 58, north Grants Pass and I-5 Hillcrest Bridges
OR140 Bridges, east of White City; Del Rio Road Bridge over Sutherlin Creek
Interstate 5 - Leland Road Bridges, Sunny Valley
Rogue River Highway Bridge Replacements
Stabilizing four slopes on OR 140 and Interstate 5
Who to contact for more information?

What's being done?

In lay terms, the bridge foundations are being stiffened and reinforced to better handle the lateral and vertical shaking of a seismic event.

Treatments include:

  • Widening the spread footings that form the bridge foundations (this work is being done on multiple structures).

  • Adding additional footings to reduce horizontal movement.

  • Adding rebar and concrete between some of the taller vertical supports for strength.

  • Widening and anchoring the horizontal bridge supports to reduce the likelihood of the bridge beams (horizontal support of roadway) sliding off.

  • Installing sheer blocks between the horizontal bridge beams under the structure to prevent side-to-side movement.

Bundle #1

The final bridge in the bundle is the I-5 Hillcrest Bridge, just south of Exit 58. It will be strengthened between October 31, 2022 and May 15, 2023 and again close from October 31, 2023-May 15, 2024.  The reason for the second closure is due to incorrect 'as builts' on the location of critical girder-reinforcing steel bars. This rebar needs to be supplemented for strengthening. 

This bridge will be repaired under a full closure of Hillcrest Road under the interstate bridge. Local eastside neighborhood traffic will need to use nearby I-5  Beacon Drive undercrossing to travel to and from Grants Pass. 

The Hillcrest Road bridge improvements are projected to cost about $5 million.

The total 'bundle' for this project is $12.7 million.  Projects are bundled for cost and production efficiencies. This bundle began in early 2021 with the I-5 Glendale bridges at Exit 80. Contractor H.P. Civil of Stayton completed these repairs last fall.  HP Civil crews are currently finishing off the two I-5 Exit 58 bridges in Grants Pass this fall before jumping over to the Hillcrest Road work..

Traffic Impacts:

All of the bridges can be done under traffic except the Hillcrest Road Bridge.  The Hillcrest Road undercrossing needs to be closed because it is too narrow to effectively and efficiently make the bridge improvements. A detour will be established for the east of I-5 neighborhoods using 9th Street to connect Hillcrest Road/ Savage Road and Beacon Drive.  Due to concerns over wildfire and evacuation routes. 


38% Complete

Bundle #2

Construction January- September 2022:

Beginning January 17 through September 1 2022, contractor Carter and Company of Salem is scheduled to begin work that affects traffic on the following bridges - dates are subject to change:

  • Little Butte Creek Bridge at MP 7.75 (Complete fall 2022)
  • Schoolhouse Creek Bridge at MP 8.46 (Complete)
  • Lick Creek Bridge at MP 9.15 (Complete), and
  • North Fork Little Butte Creek Bridge at MP 15.44 (Complete fall 2022).

During construction, drivers experienced single lane traffic and short delays for flaggers and temporary traffic signals. 

The Sutherlin Creek Bridge on Del Rio Road, northwest of Roseburg, is the last bridge in this bundle. Work is nearly complete.

Traffic Impacts:

Drivers worked through short delays and single lane traffic during the spring and summer of 2022 over the OR140 bridges. Traffic was controlled by either flaggers or temporary signals. 

At Sutherlin Creek on Del Rio Road crews were able to improve the bridge during August without lane closures. The bridge was jacked-up and new bearings are installed under the bridge.

50% Complete

Pre-Bundle, First Bridges

The Interstate 5 - Leland Road Bridges in Sunny Valley

Completed in summer 2020, this project tested the feasibility of a Buckling Restraint System to armor the bridges. While successful on these bridges, it may not be applicable as a construction method in the other bridges in this project.

Work on this project north of Grants Pass included reinforcing the spread footing, lengthening the horizontal bent cap, adding sheer blocks between horizontal girders to prevent movement. 

Spread footing     I-5 Leland Road work zone

Interstate 5 Leland Road Bridges: initial work on spread footing and single lane work zone controlled by signals

63% Complete

Bundle #3

Bids late in 2022 with Construction in 2023

This bundle replaces three bridges on OR 99, Rogue River Highway, between the City of Rogue River and Interstate 5 near Valley of the Rogue State Park.

The bridges are: Miller’s Gulch, Foots Creek and Birdseye Creek bridges. Each bridge will be replaced one at a time. Each bridge will be removed and replaced so no bridge supports are in the stream bed.

Traffic Impacts:

Each bridge will be replaced, one at a time. Each bridge will take between two and six weeks from start of demolition to traffic riding over the new structure.

For instance, Birdseye and Foots Creek are expected to be about two week closures.

Millers Gulch is expected to take about six weeks due to added in-stream work below the usual high water line.

For neighbors and those who live on Rogue River Highway, expect some out of direction travel on each bridge replacement. The bridge design on the new bridge rails will be more durable and crash resistant than the previous bridge rails.

Map of Rogue River Bridges

Oregon 99, Foots Creek Bridge

Rogue River Highway Bridges

75% Complete

Slopes Bundle

Construction expected in 2023

Reinforcing key slopes are an important component of the seismic resiliency project. The slopes portion of the project is separated from the bridge portion for better accountability and management.

This $13.3 million project will stabilize four known slopes and slides on Oregon 140 and Interstate 5. This too will help the Rogue Valley and southern Oregon connected after a seismic event.

The slope locations are:

  • Interstate 5 south of Ashland at MP 2.5, 5.2, 10.3

  • OR 140, east of White City at MP 22.1

Each of these known problem areas have been analyzed by geotechnical engineers for recommended stabilization. These slopes and historic slides will be armored using various methods for stabilization, depending on the conditions.

Some of those methods include rock buttress, anchors and better drainage. 

The Southern Oregon Seismic Resiliency project will continue to study and seek funding to armor additional bridges in the corridor. 

Traffic impacts on Interstate 5 could include single lane traffic in some work zones. On Oregon 140, traffic should expect single lane traffic with flagger control.

OR 140 MP 22 Slide Area

88% Complete


Gary Leaming

ODOT Project Information Specialist - Rogue Valley office


Project Website

Josh Lonie, P.E.

ODOT Project Manager