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OR66 over CORP Railroad Ashland

Outreach to this point:

We have discussed project timing with the City of Ashland Police, Fire and Public Works, Ashland Schools and RVTD.

Due to community concerns over wildfire danger and evacuation routes, we have set the project schedule so the bridges will be rehabilitated one at a time, beginning this spring with the East Main Street Bridge. It will be a full closure. 

East Main Street Bridge Over I-5


A look at the bridge deck conditions and how they will be improved
How will this work be done and still keep Ashland connected?
How we coordinated project timing with Ashland emergency services
Who to ask if you need more information

What's the problem?

Problem: Both bridges have concrete decks that are in poor shape.

Without performing this critical preventative maintenance, the bridge decks would require much more expensive and extensive repairs.

In the case of the East Main Street Bridge deck, the deck is integral to the structural integrity of the bridge, which currently ranks low.

Poor deck condition_ East Main Street Bridge over Interstate 5

Traffic Impacts

To work on these bridges, we need time and space to complete these critical improvements.