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OR 22: Perrydale Road to Kings Valley Highway

We're looking at potential improvements for the OR 22 intersections at Perrydale Road and Kings Valley Highway to make the area safer for all users.

We're planning to start construction in 2025.

You can use this online open house to learn:

  • About the project.
  • The changes to the Perrydale Road and Kings Valley Highway intersections.
  • How roundabouts work.
  • How you can stay connected.

Explore the stations below and let us know if you have any questions, comments or considerations we should know about as we continue to design this project.


Learn more about how we got to where we are today.
Learn more about our design for these OR 22 intersections.
Learn more about why we are constructing a roundabout.
Share your thoughts, ask questions and learn how to stay up to date on the project.

About the Project

We're making safety improvements on OR 22 at the Perrydale Road and Kings Valley Highway/Smithfield Road intersections.

We've started design and would like to hear about your experiences in the area.

Project area map highlighting the Perrydale Road and Kings Valley Highway intersections on OR 22 and the entire Dyck Road.

Existing location map

Click the "+" or the title below to view the information in each section.


We started working on this project in 2022 and plan to have a design completed in 2024 to:

  • Build a single-lane roundabout at the OR 22 and Kings Valley Highway intersection with an eastbound right-turn bypass lane.
    Adding a bypass lane helps traffic flow better through the area, allowing traffic to easily make right turns from OR 22 onto Kings Valley Highway without entering the roundabout.
  • Make safety improvements at the OR 22 and Perrydale Road intersection. We'll realign the Perrydale Road intersection south of OR 22 and remove a portion of the existing Perrydale Road north of OR 22. This will route traffic to the new roundabout.

This project will take multiple years to build. We estimate construction starting in 2025.

Project Area

This project is located in the designated OR 22 safety corridor, which has seen an increase in crashes. This safety corridor is a 10-mile section of OR 22 between Red Prairie Road and the junction with OR 223.

What is a Safety Corridor?

Safety corridors help raise awareness to those driving through the area. When an area becomes a designated safety corridor, traffic fines double and law enforcement patrols increase.

By the Number

The OR 22 and Kings Valley Highway intersection has an average of 12,600 vehicles entering the intersection per day annually.
The OR 22 and Perrydale intersection has an average of 12,800 vehicles entering the intersection per day annually.
During the five-year period prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were 39 crashes. 

rear end crash icon

Temporary Solution

We installed vehicle-activated warning beacons and signs in 2020 to help alert drivers on OR 22 that cars are driving on Perrydale Road.

Other Permanent Options We've Considered at the OR 22 and Kings Valley Highway Intersection

Click on each tab below to learn more about what options we've considered.

traffic signal iconTraffic Signal

This is a rural location. Drivers wouldn't expect to see a signal and it could surprise them, creating even more safety issues.

Since both highways have a posted speed limit of 55 mph, a traffic signal could increase the number and severity of crashes. This could include drivers running a red light or high-speed rear-end crashes.

Single Lane Roundabout

OR 22 and OR 223 roundabout intersectionWe considered installing a single-lane roundabout at the OR 22 and Kings Valley Highway intersection.
Installing a roundabout at this intersection would require other improvements like:

  • Closing the north portion of the existing Perrydale Road and connecting it to a new alignment.
  • Realigning the OR 22 intersection with the south portion of Perrydale Road.

This option addresses safety concerns at the Perrydale Road intersections and the roundabout reduces the number of conflict points at the Kings Valley Road intersection.

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Perrydale Road and Kings Valley Highway Intersections

Check out a before and after photo of what the design may look like by clicking and dragging on the arrows below. 

Please note, this is a rendering so the final design may look different and the size or location may change.

Click the "+" or the title below to view the information in each section.

Check out our design for the Perrydale Road intersection.

We're planning to realign Perrydale Road so that it's easier to see traffic on OR 22. This design removes the extra right turn lanes on Perrydale Road and OR 22.


Click on the image to enlarge.

aerial view of the Perrydale Road and OR 22 intersection design

Check out our design for the OR 22 and OR 223 intersection.

We're planning to build a single lane roundabout with a dedicated right turn for eastbound OR 22 drivers to go south on OR 223.


Click on the image to enlarge.

aerial view of the Smithfield Road and OR 22 roundabout design

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Why a Roundabout

There are many options available when we are making safety improvements. Roundabouts are a safer and very efficient type of intersection. They are cost effective, they do not have the same stop and go conditions as traditional intersections and they are more visually appealing.

Changing from an intersection where the stop signs are on the crossroad, not the main highway, to a roundabout could result in:

  • An 82% reduction in injury crashes. 
  • 75% fewer vehicle conflict points compared to a traditional intersection, meaning locations where crashes are more likely to occur. 
  • Increased fuel efficiency due to reduced stops.
  • Slower, more consistent speeds as vehicles approach and move through the roundabout.

A roundabout is the best option that will improve safety and provide efficient traffic flow, even as local and regional traffic grows. 

If you would like to learn more about roundabouts, check out these resources

Roundabouts have less conflict points

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We Want to Hear From You

Thank you for taking the time to visit the online open house to learn more about our project.

As we work to finish the design your feedback is important to us – if you have any questions, considerations or comments please let us know.

Stay Connected

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Paul Welch

Project Manager

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