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OR 99W Intersection Safety Project:
Orrs Corner Road to Clow Corner Road

We are designing a project on OR 99W at the Orrs Corner Road and Clow Corner Road intersections to improve safety for all users. Our focus is to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes. We are planning to start construction in 2023.

You can use this online open house to learn more about:

  • How we got to where we are today.
  • Our current project.
  • How roundabouts work.
  • How you can get involved. 


Learn more about what we have looked at to get to our current project.
Learn more about our project.
Learn more about why we are constructing a roundabout.
Please let us know if you have any questions, considerations or comments.

Where We've Been

This segment of OR 99W has been a safety priority for us, our partners at Polk County, nearby residents and some of you who use the road.

We've heard some suggestions for how we can make the OR 99W and Clow Corner Road intersection safer. We've been listening, our project team looked at four different options for this intersection.

Click each item below to learn what options we studied for the OR 99W and Clow Corner Road intersection:

Current intersection layoutOne of the options that we looked at is leaving the intersection as it is currently operating. This includes the recently installed vehicle activated warning system at Clow Corner Road that alerts drivers on OR 99W that cars on Clow Corner Road are approaching.

This option still allows for the possibility of crashes when drivers are crossing traffic or when making turns. Although we have seen a small reduction in crashes, we want to have a more permanent solution to make this intersection safer for the community.

Offset intersectionAnother option that we looked at is changing the existing layout into two separate intersections, also known as offset “T” intersections. This option would still allow for left turn movements.

Having two separate intersections doesn't solve all of our safety concerns. It changes the conflict points and the types of crashes may be less severe. Changing to two intersections would require us to purchase more land to change how Clow Corner Road and OR 99W intersect, which would impact more nearby residents.  

Traffic lightMany people have suggested that we install a traffic signal at this location. Installing a new signal requires our traffic team to do an analysis to see if the location meets the requirements for a signal to be installed. 
This is a rural and mostly undeveloped area. Drivers wouldn't expect to see a signal and it could surprise them, creating even more safety concerns. Our traffic team completed the analysis for this location in December 2016 and it showed that it doesn't meet the requirements for a signal to be installed.
RoundaboutOur goal with this project is to make the intersection safer. A single lane roundabout has the greatest potential to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes as well as reduce the severity of all other types of crashes.

Our team explored all four of these options and found that the roundabout is the safest design for this intersection.

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Where We're Going

Our team is working on designing this project and we are keeping the road users in mind! 
We are making sure that our design for these intersections will work for all types of vehicles, including large trucks and farm equipment.

Asking for feedback is an important part of our process. We are continuing to reach out to our stakeholders like our city and county partners, community members and the freight industry, to ask them for input that will help us refine our design. 

Project MapAbout the Project

This safety project is focused on two intersections on OR 99W. Click the locations below to learn more about what we are doing at the two intersections:

At Orrs Corner Road.

We will make the OR 99W and Orrs Corner Road intersection safer by installing a concrete traffic separator to restrict drivers from making left turns. You will still be able to make a right turn onto and from Orrs Corner Road. 

Orrs Corner Road cross section

After the traffic separator is installed, how you access OR 99W and Orrs Corner Road will change. Depending on which direction you are trying to go, you may use the new roundabout and Riddell Road. View this map to see the new route.

Crashes that result from making a left turn and crossing traffic have a high potential for serious injury or fatality. By installing the traffic separator to restrict left turns, this intersection will be safer for not only drivers but also pedestrians and bicyclists. 

At Clow Corner Road.

roundabout designAt the intersection of OR 99W and Clow Corner Road we will be installing a single lane roundabout.
This roundabout will be pretty similar to the one we built at OR 47 and NW Verboort Road  –  take a look!

Roundabout cross section

27% of all intersection related crashes in the US are associate with left turnsInstalling a roundabout will change the conflicting movements and lower the speeds of vehicles approaching the intersection. This will significantly reduce the frequency and severity of crashes.

To make it easier for large semi trucks and farm equipment to get through the roundabout we will have a truck apron, curbs that are mountable and paved shoulders on the outside.

After looking at our design, you may be asking why does the roundabout center look like that? We are designing the center of the roundabout so that a really large semi truck that can't fit through the roundabout can go through the center instead. We are still working on the process for when this happens, but we will have a plan for traffic control to allow the truck to drive through the center safely. The path through the center will be blocked by something that can be easily moved when needed. 

To minimize disruption to travelers, we are planning on keeping OR 99W open while we build as much of the roundabout as possible before changing the flow of traffic.

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Why a Roundabout

There are many options available when we are making safety improvements. Roundabouts are a safer and very efficient type of intersection. They are cost effective, they do not have the same stop and go conditions as traditional intersections and they are more visually appealing.

Watch this video to learn more about roundabouts.

Roundabouts have less conflict pointsChanging from an intersection where the stop signs are on the crossroad, not the main highway, to a roundabout could result in:

  • An 82% reduction in injury crashes. 
  • 75% less conflict points. 
  • Increased fuel efficiency due to reduced stops.

A roundabout is the only option that will improve safety and provide efficient traffic flow, even as local and regional traffic grows. 

If you would like to learn more about roundabouts, there are a lot of resources

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We Want to Hear From You!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our online open house to learn more about our project.

We want to hear from you! As we work to finish the design your feedback is important to us if you have any questions, considerations or comments please let us know

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For more information about the project, please visit the project webpage or contact:

Valerie Greenway
ODOT Project Manager
(503) 986-2865

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