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OR 99E: Market Street NE to Union Street NE

Welcome to our online open house, thank you for joining us!

Project area map highlighting OR 99E from Union Street NE to Market Street NE in downtown Salem

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about our project.
At this open house, you can:

  • Learn about the project and what improvements we're planning.
  • Check out our before and after images to see what the area may look like after construction in 2025.
  • Provide feedback or ask any questions you may have.
  • See what we're planning to build in 2024. 


Check out our before and after graphics to see what the area will look like.
Learn more about our plans before we start construction next year!
Share your thoughts and sign up to receive updates on this project and others in the area.
Check out our map to see what we're planning in your community.

Before and After

street, side walk and bike lane scene icon

If you drive, ride, walk or roll in the downtown Salem area this project is for you!

Our goal is to make it safer for those biking through the area, more accessible for pedestrians and easier for drivers to know where to go along Commercial Street.

Learn more about what we're doing by clicking on the title or "+" below.

We are replacing the existing overhead sign between D street and Division Street with a new structure that has:

  • Improved signs to guide drivers to the Marion Street Bridge.

  • Overhead lane use signs where appropriate. These signs show what turning movements are allowed for specific lanes at an intersection.

The overhead lane use and guide signs will provide a visual cue to allow drivers to determine the proper lane choice for their destination.

sign bridge icon
bicyclist icon

We are adding:

  • Bike lane striping on Commercial Street from D Street to Union Street.

By adding bike lanes, both driver and bicyclist have their own defined space as they move through the area.

Check out a before and after drawing of the area by clicking and dragging the arrows on the image.

Please note, this is a rendering.
The final layout may look different and the size and location may change.

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Commercial Street NE Improvements

city scene icon

We plan to build these improvements in 2025.

When work starts you can expect:

  • Delays and construction noise.

  • Lane closures with flaggers helping direct traffic.

  • Sidewalk closures with pedestrian detours.

Pedestrians, including those with disabilities, will have access through or around work zones.


Bike improvements on the west side of Commercial Street.


Bike improvements on the east side of Commercial Street.


Replace the sidewalk and renew the concrete driveway.


New green-painted bike area on Union Street NE.

Learn more about the work we're doing by clicking on the number icons on the image below.

1 2 3 4 Aerial view of OR 99E, Commercial Street, Union Street and Division Street NE area showing planned improvements.

Please note, this is a rendering. The final layout may look different and the size and location may change.

Building these safety improvements will require us to remove about 10 on-street parking spots on Commerical Street NE.

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Stay Connected

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Thank you for stopping by to learn about our project!
Your feedback is an important part of our process to make sure we're building the right improvements for your community.

Do you have questions or comments about the work we're doing?
Let us know by filling out our comment form.

Stay Connected

Project webpage iconYou can always learn more about the project, find out about upcoming events and stay connected by visiting the project webpage.

Project alert iconIf you have not already, sign up to receive future updates about this project and other work we're doing in downtown Salem.


Kumar Rethnasamy

Project Manager

Please help us spread the word about this online open house.
Feel free to share this with your friends and neighbors so that we can get their feedback.
Thank you for participating!

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See What We're Constructing in 2024

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We're working on the roads in and around your community – check out what we're planning build this year by looking at the interactive construction map below.

As you're going through work zones pay attention, slow down and move over – imagine this is where you work! Always drive safely, watch for construction signs and workers.

Remember that fines double in all Oregon work zones, whether workers and signs are present or not.

Learn more about these projects, and what else we're constructing, by checking out our construction map.

If you're not seeing the map below, please try using a different browser like Google Chrome.

To see where the work is located, view our interactive map. Zoom in or out and click on the dots or lines to learn more.

Click and drag to explore the interactive map.
Click lines and dots to open a pop-up to learn about the project, view the comment form link, sign up to receive project updates or visit the project webpage.
Map lines and dots are provided for reference only, precise locations may vary.

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