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Lombard Multimodal
Safety Project

Welcome to the Lombard Multimodal Safety Project Online Open House! Please guide yourself through each station to learn more about the project. When you're done, complete a comment form at the Next Steps station (available until March 8).

For ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) or Civil Rights Title VI accommodations, translation/interpretation services, or more information call 503-731-4128, TTY 800-735-2900 or Oregon Relay Service 7-1-1. Si desea obtener información sobre este proyecto traducida al español, sírvase llamar al 503-731-4128.


Learn about the purpose of the project and why it is needed.
Review the proposed cross section and locations of improvements.
Learn about project elements that increase safety and reliability.
Learn about changes that will improve safety for pedestrians.
Learn about design considerations and benefits for freight.
Some shared lanes will be necessary to reduce conflicts between bicycle riders and drivers.
Check out the project schedule and learn about what will happen during construction.
Give us comments and find project contact information.

Background and Project Need

This project will improve safety and reliability for drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians, freight, transit users and those using mobility devices (such as wheelchairs) specifically between N Fiske Ave and N Boston Ave.

Why do we need multimodal safety improvements along North Lombard Street?

Crashed car icon

On average, a crash occurs every 9 days on this corridor.

Injured person icon

Just over half (53%) of the crashes result in injury.

What can we expect after these improvements?

Lane reduction icon

Converting the road from 4 lanes to 3 lanes with a center turn lane reduces crashes by 29%.

Traffic light icon

Improving traffic signal equipment and traffic signal visibility reduces crashes by up to 25%.

Left turn lane icon

Adding a left turn lane at a signalized intersection reduces crashes by up to 19%.

Pedestrian crossing icon

Pedestrians will have fewer lanes of travel to cross, which reduces conflicts. Visibility will be improved by removing parking and select trees, as well as by adding lighting.

Open road icon

Decreased unanticipated delays because of reduced crashes.

We heard you!

We’ve heard your input! Here’s how we’ve been able to modify the project’s design based on public feedback.

Extension symbol

Project Extension

The project boundary has been extended east to N Boston Ave.

Design considerations icon

Design Considerations

The project includes upgrading traffic signals with adjustable mounts for added vertical clearance if necessary. Pedestrian islands will be installed at two locations to make crossing N Lombard Street safer and easier. The pedestrian islands will be installed with mountable curbs and pop-up style object marker sign. They will also provide a 21-foot curb-to-curb clearance.

ODOT will install traffic separators that are mountable and provide 19 feet of curb-to-curb clearance.

Pedestrian signal icon

Pedestrian Activated Crossing

The project includes two Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) at N Emerald and N Delaware Ave. Based on public input, the RRFB originally planned at N Drummond Ave was moved to N Emerald Avenue to better meet the needs of the community. These signals will be similar to the one you see now on N Willamette Blvd at the University of Portland.

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Proposed Design

The proposed design will improve safety and reliability along this stretch of road by adding a new center turn lane and bike lanes with two-foot buffers. The project also includes pedestrian activated signals and ADA ramps. This will be achieved by reducing travel lanes and removing parking beginning at N Newman Ave to N Boston Ave.

Proposed Cross Section

Proposed roadway cross section

The new cross section will look very similar to Lombard Street farther west, like the example snapshot taken at North Van Houten Ave. (Photo Credit: Google Streetview.)

Project Area Map

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Safety Improvements

The project will use several strategies to improve safety for people driving, biking, walking and using mobility devices (such as wheelchairs) along North Lombard Street.

The project will include:

Photo of signing


  • Install new street signs at signalized intersections that will be larger and more visible.
  • Install new street signs on unsignalized streets that will be easier to read and more reflective at night.

Photo of traffic signal

Updated Traffic Signals

  • Install new signals that will improve visibility.
  • Improve pedestrian signals with countdown timers and new push buttons.

Photo of paving

Paving from N Newman to N Boston

  • Provide a smooth finished surface.
  • Eliminate old striping, making the new striping more visible and improving safety.
  • Install new concrete bus pads at bus stops to reduce wear and tear due to heavy transit vehicles.

Photo of turn lane

A Center Turn Lane

  • Provides a separate lane for left turning vehicles. Removing those vehicles from the through travel lane will reduce rear-end crashes and improve traffic flow.
  • Allows space for dedicated left-turn lanes at selected signalized intersections, improving safety.

Drawing of pedestrian crossing

Enhanced Pedestrian Crossing(s)

  • Install Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB) signs with median refuge islands to provide safer and more visible crossings at N Emerald Ave and N Delaware Ave.

Photo of ADA ramp

ADA Curb Ramps

  • Construct new ramps that meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards to provide better access for all, including people who use wheelchairs and people who are visually impaired.

Photo of bike lane

Bike Lanes from N Newman to N Boston

  • Provide a designated space for bicycles separate from cars and trucks to minimize conflicts and increase safety.
  • Install a two-foot buffer to provide additional separation between the bike lane and vehicle travel lane for improved comfort and safety of bicyclists.

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Pedestrian Benefits

The project will add pedestrian safety benefits, including two pedestrian activated signals at North Emerald Avenue and North Delaware Avenue, and ADA curb ramps at all intersections from North Newman Avenue to North Boston Avenue and at North Fiske Avenue. 

Changes include:

  • Tree removal for improved pedestrian visibility
  • Pedestrian-activated crossing
  • Fewer vehicle lanes to cross
  • Pedestrian island to facilitate crossing
  • Parking removal for improved pedestrian visibility
  • Crosswalk striping
Drawing of crosswalk

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Freight Mobility

Lombard Street is a designated freight route and provides freight mobility between US 30 and I-5.

Freight benefits:

  • Construct wider through lanes, from 10.5 feet to 12 feet wide.
  • Reduce stop-and-go conditions by placing left-turning vehicles in a designated lane.
  • Removing on-street parking on the north side.
  • Improve reliability

Design considerations:

  • Upgrade traffic signals with adjustable mounts.
  • Install pedestrian islands (two locations) with mountable curbs and pop-up style object marker sign. Provide 21-foot curb-to-curb clearance.
  • Install traffic separators that are mountable and provide 19 feet of curb-to-curb clearance.
Drawing of a truck on Lombard.

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Shared Lane Sections

The bike lane will be shared with the vehicle right turn lane from N Peninsular Ave to N Greeley Ave. This shared space helps avoid conflicts through a high-traffic section of the corridor, while helping travelers of multiple modes get through as safely and efficiently as possible.

Shared lane diagram

Shared lanes. Click to enlarge.

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Schedule and Construction

A pre-construction open house will be held in early 2021, prior to construction, which will have details on what to expect during the work.


Schedule. Click to enlarge.

What to expect during construction

Icon: through traffic maintained

Maintained Through-Traffic

While construction may be disruptive, a lane in each direction will remain open for vehicle travel during the work. This means you can still use N Lombard St to get where you need to go. Please slow down in work zones.

Icon: businesses open

Business Access Maintained

You’ll still be able to visit your favorite businesses along N Lombard St, even during construction. All businesses will remain open, with no access restrictions.

Icon: Pedestrian access

Accessible Pedestrian Access Maintained

Wheelchair and pedestrian access points and pathways will remain accessible during construction, with some short detours for safety where necessary. Please follow construction safety signs and use caution when crossing.

Icon: night work

Nighttime Work

Road paving and signal upgrade work will take place at night, to minimize disruption to travel. Notice will be posted to the website, where you will sign up for email updates.

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Contact Us

Thanks for participating. Find contact information below.

We welcome your input; please take a moment to fill out the comment form at the bottom of the page (available until March 6).

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