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I-84: Cascade Locks-Idaho and I-82 Sign Upgrades


We are currently designing a project to upgrade signs on I-84 from Cascade Locks to Idaho and all of I-82. 

The purpose of the project is to upgrade and replace freeway signs to improve their visibility. The project will replace all mainline and ramp signs, with the exception of traveler information (blue signs), milepost signs and recently replaced signs.

You can learn more about this project by visiting each station in the open house. At the end, you will find out how you can contact us and submit comments or questions.

Thank you for visiting this project open house. Our goal is to provide information about the project.

The open house closes on February 28, 2021.

Updated 2/2/2021

We will continue to provide periodic updates on the project webpage as the work continues.

You may go directly to a station using the buttons below, or click the Get Started: Project Overview button at the top of the screen to move through the stations in order.


Find general project information, including purpose, project map, timeline and cost of project.
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Project Overview

We will replace some signs and sign mounts along I-84 and I-82. The new signs will benefit travelers by making them easier to see and read.

The project is divided into two stages.

  • Stage 1: I-84: Cascade Locks-Pendleton (mileposts 47.10 to 212.5) & I-82 (mileposts 0 to 10.68).
  • Stage 2: I-84: Pendleton-Idaho (mileposts 212.5 to 378.01).

Purpose of the Project

Signs and sign structures are in poor condition. Many signs are faded and have lost reflectivity, making them difficult to see, especially at night or in low light conditions.

Faded sign at Lexington exit from I-84

Project work also includes:

  • Replace existing ground-mounted signs with new sign supports.
  • Retain cantilever structures or sign bridges and mount new signs to these existing structures.

Project Map

Stage 1 of the project includes:

  • I-84, mileposts 47.10 to 212.5.
  • I-82, mileposts 0 to 10.68.

The project goes through the cities of Cascade Locks, Hood River, Mosier, The Dalles, Rufus, Arlington, Boardman, Irrigon, Umatilla and Pendleton.

Project map

Link to project map

Stage 2 includes the remainder of I-84 to the Oregon/Idaho state line.

  • Milepost 212.5 to 378.01.

Tentative Timeline

Stage 1 is expected to bid June 2021. Construction is estimated to begin in summer of 2021 and continue into fall 2022, with completion scheduled by January 2023.

Stage 2 is in design and we anticipate construction to start in 2023.

Project Cost

Construction is estimated at $9.5 million for stage 1 only.

The cost for stage 2 is estimated to be approximately the same.

Design Consultants

David Evans and Associates is on contract as design consultants.

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Project Elements

Work consists of these two elements:

  1. Sign mounts and sign structure mounts.
  2. Signs.

Sign Mounts and Structures

We will replace ground-mounted signs to new sign supports.

Some signs may be removed from undercrossing structures to ground-mounted supports to reduce future maintenance costs.

Cantilever structures, like this one at Exit 64 in Hood River, and sign bridge structures, like the one at Exit 179,  will remain.

Cantilever sign structure at Exit 64 in Hood River       sign bridge structure at Exit 179 on I-84


We will replace signs that are faded or have lost reflectivity.

Mileposts and traveler information signs (blue signs with restaurants, gas and other services) will not be replaced. Some blue Rest Area signs will be replaced, depending on their location and condition.

Faded sign for exit to Historic Highway, U.S. 30

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Traffic Impacts

Stage 1 construction is expected to begin summer 2021 and continue to January 2023.

Here is information about anticipated impacts.

Traffic Impacts

Very little impact to the driving public is expected as most work will be performed along the freeway shoulder.

Anticipated impacts include:

  • Expect shoulder closures and short-term, single lane closures.
  • Traffic slow-downs may be required to facilitate safe removal and reinstallation of signs.
  • Flaggers may be needed at some replacement locations, like heavily traveled areas around cities. Flaggers will not be along the freeway mainline.
  • Short duration ramp closures with detours are tentative at this time. We anticipate work to happen at night with minimal effect to traffic.

We will provide more details on the project webpage when the project begins.

Visit for updates to traffic impacts.

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Contact US

Thank you for reviewing the project information. 

Next Steps

As we get closer to the project start date, scheduled in summer of 2021, we will know more details about the traffic impacts.

We will post this information to our project webpage.

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