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I-5 Widening:
Kuebler Boulevard to Delaney Road

We are designing this project to add a third lane to southbound I-5 to address the freight bottleneck and traffic congestion created when large trucks are climbing the hill south of Salem.

We anticipate construction starting in 2024. Please visit the stations below to learn more.

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Project Details

Check the boxes on or off for the interactive map below to find out what work we’re doing and where.

For this project, we are:

We’re rebuilding the Battle Creek Road Bridge as part of this project. The shorter bridge over I-5 will take less time and materials to build. This alignment provides a safe connection with Wiltsey Road SE at a new stop sign.

Simulation of the new Battle Creek Road bridge and road alignment.

Shown here is the new bridge and road alignment. The old bridge and roadway are marked out in red.

Simulation of the new Battle Creek Road bridge.

The new section of Battle Creek Road SE will include sidewalk and bike lanes.

(Click images to enlarge.)

Sound wall location along Southbound Commercial On-ramp.

We’re building a sound wall along the Commercial Street on-ramp from about Spicetree Lane SE to Navaho Court SE.

Sound wall from Robins Lane SE to near Terrace Lake

We’re building a sound wall along southbound I-5 from about Robins Lane SE to the south end of the Terrace Lake community.

Photo of a typical sound wall.

Here is an example of a typical sound wall on I-5. The new sound walls will look similar to this.

(Click images to enlarge.)

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Your Questions Answered

Q&A iconWe've put together frequently asked questions based on our previous outreach and the emails and phone calls we've received from neighbors in the area.

Questions and Answers

We don’t have all the answers yet! If you want to stay connected and receive updates as we know more, please sign up for project alerts.

We are widening this section of southbound I-5 to three lanes to address freight bottleneck and traffic congestion that occurs in the area as large trucks climb the hill between milepost 249.5 and milepost 248.9 south of Salem.

We will use the existing lane as the third travel lane on I-5 in this section and create a new exit only lane for Delaney Road.

Detail maps showing the addition of a new lane to I-5 south near the Delaney Exit.
(Click to enlarge.)

Not at this time. For this phase of the project, we will widen southbound only, from just north of the Battle Creek Road Bridge to the Delaney Road off-ramp. We plan to add another northbound lane, but don’t currently have full funding.

We anticipate beginning in 2024 and taking approximately two years to complete.

We’re still working on the details, but we know that we’ll need detours and lane closures for the safety of the crews and the traveling public. We’ll know more information as we get closer to construction. Stay connected by signing up to receive project alerts.

We’ve notified anyone whose property will be impacted by this project. We'll continue working directly with property owners as we move forward on this project.

We are building a new bridge over I-5 for Battle Creek Road SE and Battle Creek Road SE and Wiltsey Road SE will be realigned in this area. Battle Creek Road SE will have sidewalks and shoulders for bicycles.

Battle Creek Bridge Realignment detail map.
(Click to enlarge.)

Yes, we will remove some trees along I-5 for this project. We will only remove the trees that are needed in order for us to build the project.

As part of our process, we completed a noise study that looked at current sound levels in the project area and compared it to future estimated levels. We found three locations that met the criteria for a sound wall. We recently completed a voting process that resulted in two of the three sound walls being including in the project.

Our plan is to use the median, the space between southbound and northbound I-5, for the new lane where possible to lessen the impact to private property.

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Stay Involved

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If you have additional questions, please contact:

Andrew Walker

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