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ODOT is beginning the I-205 Widening and Seismic Improvements Project, which will address congestion and traveler safety issues on a seven-mile stretch of I-205 between Stafford Road and OR 99E.

At this online open house, you can learn about why the project is needed, the proposed solutions, and what to expect as the process moves forward.

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Learn about the issues in the project limits.
Learn how ODOT will address issues and what design details are still under analysis.
Find out what will happen next, provide your comments and tell us about yourself.

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Project Overview

This corridor is vital to our region. More than 100,000 vehicles use this section of I-205 each day and drivers experience 5 ½ hours of congestion daily. This project will address congestion, traveler safety, and seismic resiliency on I-205.


  • The two-lane section of Interstate 205 between the Abernethy Bridge and the Stafford Road interchange creates a bottleneck that causes congestion and crashes, creating delays for travelers and freight.
  • Closely spaced on-ramps on I-205 northbound on the Abernethy Bridge contribute to safety and travel time predictability issues.
  • The Abernethy Bridge and the eight other bridge sites in the project limits are seismically vulnerable in the event of a major earthquake.


  • Adding one lane on I-205 in each direction between Stafford Road and OR 99E will improve traffic operations and reduce vehicle crashes. The improvements will make I-205 a consistent three-lane interstate in each direction from the Columbia River to I-5.
  • Seismically upgrading the Abernethy Bridge and all other I-205 bridges within the project limits will ensure the corridor functions as a statewide north-south lifeline route after a major earthquake.

You can learn more about these solutions on the next page.

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Proposed Solutions

The project focuses on relieving congestion, traveler safety, and seismic resiliency on I-205 between Stafford Road and OR 99E.

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Project Map

The project focuses on relieving congestion, traveler safety, and seismic resiliency on I-205 between Stafford Road and OR 99E.
  • Project Map

    Project Map

    The project focuses on relieving congestion, traveler safety, and seismic resiliency on I-205 between Stafford Road and OR 99E.

I-205 Widening

  • The project adds a third lane in each direction on the seven-mile stretch of I-205 between Stafford Road and OR 99E. 
  • Widening I-205 requires blasting in order to remove the rock from the rock slope located in West Linn on the northbound side of I-205 between the Sunset Avenue overcrossing and just south of the OR 43 interchange. We will conduct additional analyses next year to determine impacts of the blasting, potential mitigations and duration of the work.

Bridge Replacements

  • Widening I-205 requires rebuilding West A Street and Sunset Avenue, which cross over I-205. The Tualatin River, Borland Road, and Woodbine Road bridges will also be replaced.

Seismic Upgrades

  • The project upgrades the Abernethy Bridge and the eight other I-205 bridges in the project area to withstand a major earthquake.  I-205 is designated as a statewide north-south lifeline route, which means it must be operational quickly after a disaster renders other roadways unusable or impassable. This critical route will provide supplies and services to the region.

Interchange Improvements

In order to improve safety and travel-time predictability on I-205, the project makes changes to on- and off-ramps and intersections around interchanges.  

  • OR 43 interchange: the project removes the current I-205 northbound on-ramp from OR 43 northbound. Northbound traffic will instead use a new left turn to access the existing on-ramp loop to I-205 northbound. Consolidating these two separate northbound access points eliminates the merging and weaving that currently occurs and reduces rear end crashes. The Broadway Street bridge overcrossing will also be removed. See inset below.
  • Analysis is still underway for other intersection improvements at OR 43 and OR 99E. We will present these findings later in the design process.

Traveler Information Signs Traveler Information Signs (ODOT RealTime)

The project includes ODOT RealTime traffic information signs to help travelers get to where they’re going more safely and efficiently. These signs can display traffic flow information, roadway conditions, and advisory speeds limits.

RealTime information signs

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Next Steps

Thank you for participating in this online open house and for your interest in the project. Sign up for project updates to stay up to date about how the preliminary design is progressing.  


The purpose of this phase is to determine how and when the project could be constructed. In February 2018, ODOT will present methods and cost to construct improvements along I-205 and discuss the potential of moving forward with this project. The legislature will need to allocate funding for final design and construction.

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