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Help us set priorities and give input on ideas for the future of DMV.

The way services are delivered in both the public and private sectors is rapidly changing. Today’s customers expect less standing in line, and more flexibility in how they can do business. Held back by outdated technology, Oregon DMV hasn’t been able to keep up with the modern ways Oregonians want to do business. That is about to change.

Your input will shape the DMV of the future

Modern technology will make DMV better equipped to serve our customers, but it is only part of the solution. We want to know what other changes are important to Oregonians. This online open house is your opportunity to share ideas for what you would most like to see at the DMV of the future.

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How is DMV transforming?
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Service Transformation Program

We are currently working on the biggest transformation in our history. The Service Transformation Program is changing the way we do business to improve our customer’s experience. Replacing our outdated technology, created in the 1960s and 1970s, is the first step.

We've taken the first step toward the future.

DMV is transforming into a more nimble organization. Our Service Transformation Program (STP) is more than just replacing old technology. It is about changing how DMV meets customer expectations and legislative mandates. Technology used for DMV computer systems, created in the 1960’s and 70’s, is obsolete and in acute need of updating. With each passing year, the risk of a critical computer system failure increases, which may impact DMV’s ability to deliver services to Oregonians. It could also affect the collection of revenues that support Oregon’s transportation system.

By leveraging technology, DMV will greatly improve the way it does business allowing us to better serve our customers. Businesses like car dealerships, trucking companies and many others do use DMV services on a daily basis. Private sector companies and other stakeholders, like law enforcement and courts, will get their DMV-related business done more rapidly and efficiently.

It is vital for DMV to take on this transformation now so that we can keep up with the growing demand and provide the enhanced experience our customers expect in today’s marketplace.

Applying tested solutions

Although our transformation is scheduled to take 10 years, it does not mean it will take that long to see change at your local DMV office or on our website. A major component of STP is replacing outdated technology with a proven commercial off-the-shelf solution. We have purchased software that is already in use at several other state DMVs, and will be releasing enhanced vehicle and driver services (including expanded online service options) in two stages. We are now less than a year away from the vehicles system launch in January 2019. Then in July 2020, the drivers system will go live.  Taking advantage of other states’ lessons learned is helping us prepare for a successful rollout.

New online services

In addition to being able to offer expanded online services, DMV customers will benefit from streamlined ways to do their business with DMV. For many years, Oregon has been a top destination for people moving into our state. With an influx of new Oregonians on the roads, DMV employees are working hard to serve more customers with the same staffing levels as 10 years ago. Efficiencies found through DMV’s transformation will help us absorb this growth, and enable employees to exceed our customers’ expectations. 

STP Schedule

Timeline: July 2015, DMV STP begins. January 2019: Vehicles Services Launch. July 2020: Drivers Services Launch. June 2025: DMV STP ends.

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Future of DMV

Your participation today helps us plan for the DMV of tomorrow.

New technology is changing the perception of DMVs across the country. New ways of doing business mean that the way DMV works today may not be how it works tomorrow. There is more innovative technology at customers’ fingertips today than ever before. Things like renewing your vehicle registration at an automated kiosk, having a digital driver license on your phone, or joining the line at the DMV via text message could be possible today.

The Oregon DMV is looking at what is possible and brainstorming ways we can change how we serve our customers. The ideas mentioned in this open house are just that, ideas. As DMV builds a strategic vision for the future, we want your input on which ideas make the most sense for Oregonians.

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DMV's vision is to be a nimble and easily accessible DMV recognized for serving our customers through innovation, efficiency, and dedicated employees.

Click the "Survey Questions" button below to tell us what you think about possible DMV technologies.

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Tell us About You

DMV's customers are as diverse as our beautiful state. It is important to us that we meet the needs of the Oregonians we serve. Our staff are passionate about the work they do, and take customer service seriously.

DMV motto: "Exceeding expectations one customer at a time!"

Who are you?

We have a diverse customer base and want to learn more about how different groups prefer to do business with DMV. For example, customers in rural areas may have different needs than people who live in an urban zone. Please tell us more about yourself so that we can get a clear picture of how Oregonians of different ages and geographic locations want us to change.

How do you want to communicate?

DMV’s mission is to promote driver safety, protect financial and ownership interests in vehicles and collect revenue to finance Oregon’s multimodal transportation system. An important part of how we achieve that mission is to communicate effectively with our customers. Traditionally, DMV has relied on paper letters and postal mail. Today’s world offers more choices for us to consider. We want to learn about how today’s customer prefers to receive information.

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Click the "Survey Questions" button below to tell us how you want to do business with the DMV.

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Next Steps

Thank you for participating! Your voice is important to this process, and your feedback will help us build the DMV of the future. Feedback from this survey will help us set priorities and continue to brainstorm for ways that we can put this new technology to work.

If you haven’t already done so, please click the “Survey Questions” button below to provide your feedback.

Plan ahead

January 2019 and July 2020 are two key dates for DMV’s transformation. If you need to conduct business with DMV around these times, please know that wait times may increase as our staff become proficient with the new system. If you do find yourself in a field office during a particularly busy time, we want you to know that we appreciate your patience. You can plan or avoid your visit by checking our website for current office wait times before coming in, and when possible, complete your business online.

Stay informed

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