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OR 140 and Brett Way Improvements

ODOT is working in partnership with the City of Klamath Falls and Klamath County to complete intersection safety improvements at OR 140 (Southside Bypass) and Homedale Road, extend Brett Way between Summers Lane and Homedale Road, and improve rail crossings in the area.

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This project will improve safety at several locations in the project area.
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Project Need

OR 140 and its intersections with Homedale Road and Summers Lane is a primary route for many commuters and travelers around Klamath Falls south suburbs. These commuters and other visitors must traverse these dangerous intersections across OR 140, both of which have been ranked in the top 10% of dangerous intersections in the state. There are consistent reports of serious high-speed motor vehicle crashes at these sites.


This project is addressing three major areas. These include improving safety at two crossings on OR 140, extending Brett Way, and improving rail crossings.

  • Improvements are needed at the intersection of Homedale Road and OR 140. This intersection has a high crash rate and will see increased traffic after Brett Way is extended.
  • The current configuration of Summers Lane and OR 140 also poses serious safety concerns. Between January 1, 2002 and April 30, 2011 there were 24 crashes, 28 injuries and 1 fatality at this location.
  • Buses and trucks are required by law to stop before railroad crossings and the existing rail crossing on OR 140 requires these vehicles to stop in travel lanes. This forces others to also stop, creating safety and capacity concerns for highway users.

Public Feedback

ODOT has been working with the City of Klamath Falls, Klamath County and the public to identify ways to address these safety concerns. Multiple stakeholder meetings have been held to hear public input and concerns.

  • In April 2018, over 70 people attended a project open house and provided feedback on proposed safety solutions for the intersection of OR 140 and Homedale Road. Responses were mixed between favoring a signal and a roundabout, but the majority agreed that something is needed at the intersection to improve safety. Local residents living on Airway Drive expressed concerns that eastbound traffic from the proposed Brett Way extension might bypass the OR140/Homedale intersection and instead use Airway Drive to reach OR 39.
  • In January of 2019, ODOT met with emergency service providers in the area to get feedback on project improvements and impacts to response routes and time.
  • A follow-up public meeting for Airway Drive concerns was held in February 2019. This meeting presented the proposed project design and options for discouraging through traffic on this road. As part of the project "No Thru Traffic" signs will be installed to deter vehicles from using Airway Drive. During and after the project ODOT and the County will monitor traffic counts and speeds to determine if there is an issue and how to mitigate.
  • In March 2019, another open house was held to present the design solutions for increasing safety at the two intersections on OR 140, the improved rail crossings, and the extension of Brett Way.

Photo: OR 140 and Summers Lane.
OR 140 and Homedale Road

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Design and Solutions

This project will improve safety at the intersection of OR 140 and Homedale Road by installing a roundabout, and help route traffic away from the Summers Lane intersection and toward the new roundabout via an extension of Brett Way. The project will also relieve congestion and address safety concerns at the rail crossing on OR 140, improve connectivity in the area, and create new access to undeveloped industrial land within Klamath Falls' Urban Growth Boundary.


A new roundabout at OR 140 and Homedale Road

A new roundabout at OR 140 and Homedale Road will create a safer and more efficient intersection (see "Why a roundabout").

Extending Brett Way and closing Summers Lane

Extending Brett Way east from Summers Lane to Homedale Road will eliminate through traffic on Summers Lane between Brett Way and OR 140. The new road will include two 12-foot travel lanes, two 5-foot shoulders and a new railroad crossing with actuated grates. Once Brett Way is constructed, Summers Lane will be closed on either side of the railroad tracks.

The extension of Brett Way will open new opportunities for future development by adding traffic capacity and providing much-needed access to industrial land within the Klamath Falls urban growth boundary.

New pull-outs at OR 140 railroad crossing

The project will install a pullout lane for each direction of travel and install new railroad crossing arms to cross all lanes of travel. The installation of the new pullout lanes will allow buses and trucks to pull off the highway, stop and then safely merge back into traffic. The pullout will allow traffic to keep flowing along the highway when vehicles are required to stop, decreasing back-ups and improving highway capacity.

Why a roundabout?

The project team considered using either a traffic signal or roundabout at the intersection of OR 140 and Homedale Road. Although signals are less expensive to install, a roundabout was ultimately selected for several reasons:

  • Safety: Because roundabouts slow traffic and create fewer conflict points where vehicles must cross each other's path, they are expected to significantly reduce the frequency and severity of crashes compared to a traffic signal.
  • Least delay: The average expected delay from a roundabout is expected to be about 10 seconds, versus 22 seconds for traffic signal, and more than 80 seconds for stop signs.

Video: "Roundabout Rodeo" - How ODOT made sure freight can use roundabouts safely in Prineville.

Proposed Improvements

Map: Proposed improvements.
Click to enlarge.

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Closures and Detours

ODOT is working with the City of Klamath Falls and Klamath County to minimize impacts to travelers as well as nearby residents and businesses.

Proposed Staging

Brett Way - Most of the Brett Way Extension will have minimal traffic impacts. While access to either end of the Brett Way Extension may be limited at times, delays should be restricted to a maximum of 20 minutes. Property owners will be given advanced notice by the contractor if delays are anticipated.

Summers Lane - Summers Lane construction between OR 140 and Brett Way will have minimal traffic impacts. Work is expected to begin after the Brett Way Extension is completed and traffic can be redirected off of Summers Lane.

OR 140: Railroad Tracks - OR 140 will remain open while pull-outs and concrete medians are constructed. Construction will be completed at night and is anticipated to take 5 weeks. Travelers should expect flaggers and occasional single lane closures. Crossing equipment and signal installation may require additional short-term road closures.

OR 140: Roundabout - ODOT proposes the following staging for the construction of the roundabout:

  1. Construct the roundabout circle and portions of the approach roads. Homedale Road will be closed to southbound traffic from OR 140 during this stage. (See detour map.)
  2. Connect existing OR 140 traffic lanes to the roundabout approaches. This will require several nighttime lane closures with flaggers.
  3. Construct the northern portion of the roundabout circle. Westbound traffic on OR 140 will continue using the existing roadway while eastbound traffic is rerouted to the roundabout and the southern end of Homedale Road is reopened. During this stage, Homedale Road north of OR140 will be closed to eastbound traffic and Homedale Road will be limited to right-in, right-out turning movements. (See detour map.)
  4. Connect the north leg of Homedale Road to the new intersection and shift OR 140 onto the roundabout. Homedale Road will be open to traffic.
  5. Conduct final paving and permanent striping. Work will require limited nighttime lane closures with flaggers.

Temporary Construction Detours

This map shows temporary detours during work on the roundabout at OR 140 and Homedale Road. East and west travel on OR 140 should not be affected.

  • When Homedale Road (north) is closed to OR 140, traffic will be detoured to Summers Lane via Bristol Avenue.
  • When Homedale Road (south) is closed to OR 140, traffic will be detoured to OR 140 via Airway Drive.
  • Temporary pedestrian routes will be established to provide safe access around construction.

Map showing detour via local roads during construction at Homedale Road and OR 140.

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Next steps

Thank you for your interest in the project. Submit comments and questions and sign up for project updates below.

Anticipated schedule

  • Design: 2016 - 2020
  • Bid Opening: Fall 2020
  • Construction: Winter of 2020 - Fall 2021

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