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Welcome to the intersection safety project for OR 126B at 54th Street online open house!

We appreciate you taking the time to visit today, at this open house you can:

  • Explore the potential changes coming to the intersection.
  • Sign up to receive future updates on the project and other work happening in the area.
  • Provide feedback or ask any questions you may still have.

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Find out what we are doing!
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About the Project

This intersection is identified as having a higher than normal number of severe or fatal crashes.

To make the area safer, we are adding dedicated turn lanes, signals and lighting. We are also installing some sidewalk, ADA compliant curbs and pedestrian crossings. 

We are planning to:

  • Add left turn lanes on 54th Street.
  • Upgrade signals to add a dedicated turn light for the new turn lanes, this will allow cars to turn safely.
  • Update signal timing to allow pedestrians to cross during a dedicated walk phase.   
  • Update lighting at the intersection for better visibility.
  • Update the traffic lights so they're mounted to new poles instead of hanging from a wire across the intersection.
  • Install ADA compliant curb ramps to improve accessibility.

We'll explore and show you what these changes may look like in the next station of the online open house.

Project Area Map

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Proposed Changes

Curious what the intersection will look like after construction?

Explore below to see the changes coming to the intersection!

Check the boxes to see the item on the aerial photo below to learn more about the improvements coming to OR 126B.

Improvements include:

Please note, these are renderings. The actual locations and sizes may vary.

If you have questions about what we are planning for the intersection, let us know using the comment form in the next station.

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Stay Connected!

Thank you for visiting our online open house, we appreciate you taking time to learn about the improvements we are planning for your neighborhood!

Your feedback is an important part of the process, please let us know if you have comments or questions about the project!

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Jen Hedlind

ODOT Project Manager

Please help us spread the word about this online open house.
Feel free to share this with your friends and neighbors so that we can get their feedback.
Thank you for participating!

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